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smith number

To write a haskell program to find the s … 继续阅读

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“Composable Memory Transaction”读后感

STM(Software Transactional Memory)是一套基于事 … 继续阅读

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A lesson

    这两天用haskell实现了一个用蚁群算法求解TSP较优解的程序,思想说 … 继续阅读

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Monad & Comonad

  I have a deep thought on Monad and Com … 继续阅读

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Einstein’s Puzzle

爱因斯坦在20世纪初出的一个谜语。 据说,当时98%的人答不出这道题!题目是这样 … 继续阅读

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An magical fix-point combinator

This is really a magical Y combinator !! … 继续阅读

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Haskell is COOL

"faster than C++, more concise than … 继续阅读

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一些计算Fibnacci数列的函数写法: fib 0 = 0fib 1 = 1f … 继续阅读

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看穿了Arrow,只需要记住一点它表示一个运算。专业点的说法它是运算的抽象。Ar … 继续阅读

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狂赞这个比喻,水木上看到的。lisp代码一层一层,就像页岩的纹理;haskell … 继续阅读

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